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The Science

Mineral Cleansing Water. The Guilt-Free Alternative to Cleansing Wipes

“Could switching to a micellar cleansing water give you perfect skin? French women say yes! And we agree...”, Marie Claire, Oct 2014

What is so great about mineral micellar+

With our upgraded technology, the Mineral Micellar + complex is developed by forming micellar nano structured particles with mineral water. Upon delivering to the makeup-covered skin, the complex attracted to makeup, effectively, remove them from the skin and leave them on cotton pad. Gently infused with the skin, mineral water, on the other hand, refresh and nourish the skin instantly.

Mineral Micellar Plus Extra fresh&clean



Beautiful skin starts with essential skin care routine! Layer of makeup, skin oil, and dirt on the face cover up pores. Without a proper way to remove them out daily, it clogs pores, causes sebum accumulation and eventually acnes.

To clean off your face properly, it is essential to remove your makeup with makeup remover before other cleansing steps. A gentle option for sensitive skin is cleansing water. It removes makeup without drying out your skin. It can be used to gently clean your face and even around the eye area.

Dermatologist Tested


We are a group of scientists and skincare gurus motivated to bring the best skincare formulations and trustable cosmetic brand to the global market. Along with our expertise in nanotechnology, we consistently invent the new products incorporating with the finest ingredients from the best sources around the world. All of our products are developed by the scientists to answer some questions raised by dermatologists and beauty experts. We meticulously perform research and development of each product both in our research facilities and by surveying with a number of volunteers to ensure great satisfaction up to our international standard. Persistent to make better is our goal to create one of the best choices of skincare brand for women’s healthy and glowing skin.

Konnet International


Research by Konnet International

The Value

Passion: work with joy 
Integrity: be honest and transparent 
Collaboration: work closely as a team to reach the goal together 
Quality: bring out our top performance to generate the best product and skincare brand 
Unique identity: be the first to offer more advanced products and unique brand story

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